Reverie Season 1 Review: Now I’m Scared of VR

One of the more novel shows of this summer has been NBC’s Reverie, which grapples with the potentials and risks of realistic virtual reality.

The show stars Sarah Sashi (Person of Interest) as Mara Kint, a former negotiator for the police who left after she failed to prevent her brother-in-law from killing his wife and daughter.  At the start of the series, she is teaching a college course on Interpersonal Dynamics, which is basically a hybrid of theater and improv — and self-medicating her grief with drugs and alcohol.

After wrapping up class one day, her former boss, retired police chief Charlie Ventana, played by Dennis Haysbert (Mr. Allstate himself), drops in and asks her to help out at Onira Tech, a company which has developed a hyper-realistic virtual reality program, Reverie, which recreates past memories of places and people based on personal experience and information gathered from social media, and allows users to freely explore that while shutting off their consciousness from the virtual world. Some of Reverie’s users have lost touch with the real world altogether, so Mara’s job is to talk them into leaving the virtual world by entering their Reverie simulation. Essentially, Mara has to jack into the Matrix in order to get them out.

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